Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bottle gourd Subzi

This subzi is very simple and takes little time to make.It tastes great with chapatti.
1 No Bottle gourd (Cubed)
1 No Large Onion (Chopped)
1 No Tomato
1 Tbsp Cumin seeds
1/2 Tsp G/G paste
1 Tsp Red chilly powder
1 Pinch Turmeric
1 Tbsp oil
Salt to taste.
Grind the tomato and set aside.
Peel and cube the bottle gourd.
Heat oil in a pressure cooker and add the cumin seeds.
When the cumin seeds pop , add the chopped onion and sautee.
When the onion is tender add the rest of the ingredients along with the tomato puree and add required amount of water and let it cook for about two whistles.
Serve hot.

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