Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coconut Milk Kanji(Thengai Pal Kanji)

This is one dish I had never heard of before my marriage.When my Mother-in-law first told me she was going to make Kanji for the night, I was very apprehensive (the word kanji to me meant some thing soggy and hence uneatable.)But, once I tasted, it was Delicious.

1 cup Parboiled Rice ( do not use Basmathi or Raw rice)
3/4 cup Mung dal
2 cups Coconut milk
2 cups of Water
1 bulb Garlic(peeled)
Salt to taste.
I usually use one whole pack of shredded coconut, to make coconut milk.
Take the first extract of coconut milk and keep aside.
Add water and extract more milk.
Dry roast the mung dal.
wash the rice and mix it with the mung dal. Add Garlic and salt.
Now add the second extract ,and water.
Let it cook. ( for 3 whistles if using pressure cooker, If using rice cooker- untill most of the liquid is absorbed)
Now add the first extract coconut milk. and let it cook for five minutes.(do not put the whistle on if using pressure cooker.)

This dish tastes great along with Mor Mulagai .You can also have it with pickle.
We usually have this for dinner.

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