Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Carrot Cabbage Poriyal

Carrot cabbage poriyal is very colorful and easy to make.
Today i had very little cabbage and carrots for a separate dish,so I combined the two to make carrot cabbage poriyal.
1/2 Cup Cabbage (shredded)
1/2 Cup Carrot (shredded)
3 Nos Green chillies (sliced)
1/2 Large onion (sliced)
2 Tbsp oil
1 Tsp Mustard seeds
1Tsp Urad dal
1 Sprig Curry leaves
Salt to taste.
Heat oil in kadai,add Mustard seeds, urad dal and curry leaves.
When the mustard seeds pop add onion , green chillies and saute.
Add the carrot and saute for a minute and add the cabbage.
Add salt, cover and cook the porial till the vegetables are tender.
The poriyal can be garnished with grated coconut.
Serve with rice and curry.


Vidhya Iyer said...

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krish.psg said...

Super nnga....post more.

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