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The word salad refers to a dish of raw leafy green vegetables, often tossed with pieces of other raw or cooked vegetables, fruit, cheese, or other ingredients seasoned and served with a dressing.

Salad consists of three major parts:

  1. The Base
  2. The Dressing and
  3. The Garnish.

Given below is a table consisting of salad base,dressing,seasoning, toppings and a protein.
You can easily mix and match to make a wide variety of salads.
A Friend gave this table as a reference, works great!

Any one of the ……

Atleast 5

Atleast 1-2

Any one

Atleast 1

Salad Base





Spring Mix Leaves


Bread Crumbs (wrapped)

Balsamic Vinegar in Olive oil

Moong sprouts

Spinach Leaves

Carrots Shredded

Spiced pepper and salt

Redwine Vinegar in Olive oil

Chick peas

Romaine & Iceberg lettuce

Tomato slices

Walnut Slices

Herbal ranch dressing

Red kidney beans

Olives sliced

Almond slices

Oriental Sesame

Tofu baked

Capsicum slices

Raspberry dried

Southwest (Mexican)

Panneer baked

Green whole olives

Jalapeno peppers sliced

Endamame (soya beans)

Black whole olives

Grated cheese

Celerie chopped

Egg whites burgie


Boiled egg pieces NO yolk

Brussel sprouts

Whole green peas

Baked eggplant slices

Whole small potatoes


Green Beans

Minestrone soup veggies

Lima Beans

Cherry tomatoes

sliced Mushrooms

shredded broccoli

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