Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chili Oil

Chili oil is used as a dipping sauce for Chinese finger foods like wantons, spring rolls... it is also used as a seasoning for fried rice and noodles.
My Dh is crazy about chili oil. when ever we go to any Chinese restaurant he asks for the chili oil even before the menu! So i decided to make it at home.
20 nos - Dry red chilly
1 cup - Peanut oil.
Break the red chilly into half and remove all the seeds from them.
Pulse the chilly in a blender to make flakes(about 10-20 seconds)
be careful not to make it a powder.(I did not use store bought chili flakes because it has seeds in it. )
Heat the oil till it starts to smoke and let it cool for five minutes.
Add the oil to the chilly flakes.
Let it set for some time and enjoy as u like.
Store the oil in an air tight container.

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